-450,000+ children are in foster care nationwide

-20,000 children “age out" of the foster care system

-1/2 children that “age out” do not have a high school diploma

-10,000 children that aged out will be unemployed by the time they are 24

-Foster children have been known to often feel depressed, anxious, and lack a sense of identity due to the position they've been put in.

The Facts

When thinking of societal problems, rarely do people think of foster care as being a major issue. However, for hundreds of thousands of children and teens, the foster care system is an everyday part of life.

- The national budget for foster care and adoption services is around $4 billion (1/975 of the federal budget).

-65% of that is used on adoption services and programs.

-Approximately $3000 per child is left to be spent a year on their necessities, such as food, clothing and education, as well as their wants., such as extra-curricular activities. 

- Currently, 40-50% of children in foster care do not complete a high-school education, and 60% will become homeless or end up in jail by the time they 'age out' of the system at 18.

With numbers such as these, it becomes very difficult for foster families to help create a bright future for these children. So many of the experiences we all had that defined us later in life cannot be afforded, and this, in turn, can lead to identity issues as these children grow older. Companies like Foster the Children are emerging to help spread awareness of this issue, and hope to not only help fund these children and their families, but to help raise awareness to involve everyone in helping these children succeed.

It's a sad truth that so many children in the foster care system don't reach their full potential. There are success stories, of course, but with your help, we hope to make these exceptions the normality.