Our Partners

Our partners are a vital part of our success. They help make our cause, as well as our company, possible. Here are a few key players helping us with our fight for foster care.

The Utah Foster Care Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children of foster care in Utah have as meaningful lives as possible. We are indebted to them for our early success, and our donation proceeds go to their wishing well fund to help these children and their families. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or becoming a foster parent, you can visit their website:



First Star is a national non-profit whose goal is to encourage children of foster care to aim for college in their future, hosting programs such as immersing these kids in college campus life for part of the summer. We are currently involved with bringing this program to the University of Utah, opening a new chapter, and anyone who would like to help out more with them can visit their website:



Utah Foster Care Foundation
First Star Academy: University of Utah Chapter
Zions Bank

Zions Bank is a Utah-based financial institution that focuses not only on individuals and their banking, but also small businesses and large corporations. Foster the Children is one of the small businesses they are working with, and have opened up many networking opportunities for us as we progress forward and expand throughout the state and the nation. To learn more about their business and their banking options, visit: