"Foster the Children is less of a company, and more of a catalyst. A channel into a part of society that is too often overlooked."

When you start a new class, you don’t usually expect to end that class with your own benefit corporation. For Caden Gregoire, Daniel Hirst, and Meghan Pollard, that’s exactly what happened. During the spring semester of 2016, these three students fell on the idea of helping kids in foster care. What started as a class project has turned into an organization dedicated to bringing forward the voices of children in foster care.

With the help of Barclay Burns, founder of learning.com and entrepreneurship professor, the three students started Foster the Children, which creates clothing and accessories from artwork produced by children in foster care. The proceeds are then used to support the children in their education and future. 

Currently partnered with companies like the University of Utah and Zions Bank, Foster the Children will continue to advocate for the voices of the foster care system, and hopes to engage as much of the community as possible to continue improving on the educational advancement of foster youth.