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Foster the Children, meet First Star Academy

During the summer...

We had the awesome opportunity to partner with the international program First Star! These guys have been utilized in universities across the world, helping give support to children in foster care with the goal of getting them to college. Their newest venture has been opening up a program at the University of Utah, and we've had the privilege of being involved in kickstarting the program to get it up and running on campus.

Up above is an image of Sandi Pershing, Vice President of the Office of Engagement at the University of Utah (far left), Barclay Burns, former Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah (far right), the three founders of FTC, as well as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith! Being able to chat and work with these guys has been extremely beneficial in bringing attention to the foster care issues so many people face in today's society.

What is First Star?

The First Star Academy is a worldwide non-profit program that inserts itself within universities and college campuses. It then brings a cohort of students in foster care to the campus over the summer and immerses them in what it has to offer, giving the students tutoring help, access to university resources, skills classes, information about college, and other things to help encourage these kids to make it to college when they're older. We are honored to be a proud partner of First Star, and appreciate all they do for the community. To learn more about them, check them out at www.firststar.org

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